Helix 5 SI on Cheap Yak?

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Helix 5 SI on Cheap Yak?

Postby Swathwood » Apr Sat 04, 2015 1:21 am

I'm a fiberglass fisherman..... Ive Always had interest in kayak fishing for a change of pace. I just bought an entry level yak (seriously cheap) an off brand, to see if its "my thing". Regardless of my continuation of this hobby I like nice gear and know I can use good electronics elsewhere. I like the idea of side imaging for obvious reasons. I am interested in making the purchase of the Helix 5 w/ SI over something with only DI. I have several concerns/ questions. Since Ive bought an entry level yak for starters i don't have the dedicated transducer application point on the bottom side of the yak like some of the higher end fishing specific rigs on the market. This forces me to internally mount the transducer or creatively externally mount. Are folks having luck with the side mounts by ram or the magnetic or adhesive applications for SI devices specifically? I know DI is not a problem. Im specifically interested in SI kayak specific mounting. Help me understand- With side imaging I cannot mount internally, correct? I need to mount external like we would transom mount on fiberglass. What are the best options for side imaging on a kayak that doesn't have designated transom installation points?
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Postby Prybis » Apr Sat 04, 2015 9:11 am

First off, please stop using the text with lines thru it. It makes it hard to read and not sure if you really want an answer.

From my understanding, SI will not work with a thru hull transducer mount. People on other kayak fishing forums have had good luck with over the sidw transducer mounts. The bigest problem I have heard is about the drag created when changing spots. This is easily fixed by pulling the transducer out of water. Some just leave it in so they het readings when moving from spot to spot.

Lets us know what you decided to do and hpw it works out. I have not used a fish finder while kayaking but plan on it down the road.

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