Best one I saw today!

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Re: Best one I saw today!

Postby natahka72 » Dec Tue 05, 2017 11:49 am

handyandy wrote:I've only been seeing the darn deer when I'm driving when it's still dark in the morning or at night, not a one during shooting light when I've been in the woods. About to just start driving around at night in the old beater truck and plow one over. A decent 8 point has been asking to be hit at least once a week when I leave in the morning for work, one of these mornings I'm going to have enough of it and just plow the darn thing over. The mole season has been going well for this new house they have been bad I've gotten 11 of those devils since moving, what are mole pelts trading for this year :rotf

I've been like bill murray on the caddy shack with these moles, it's been full on war :2shooter

Funny!! :rotf

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