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Re: First Fox

Postby Yaz » Dec Thu 15, 2011 11:57 pm

walked up on a dead horse with the a-hole ate out and a possum crawled out of it.

YUMMY!!! :pcorn
i use to know a guy over in ur area they called Beaver Meyers who use to catch alot,, he taught a couple of my buddies. The most ive heard of was in the 60+ so far this year, T. LARSON,from up in the northern part of the state. rough going now with all the wet weather.
ditto on the fox thing,,pass from me also.
What i dont understand is back in the late 80`s- when the yotes started getting real common, our fox population went way down,, then back about 5-10 yrs ago the reds started coming back, even though the yote were still as plentiful as ever, most people i talked to said the reds were just adapting to coexist (not peacefully mind you) with the yote. Guys around here were catching close to 50/50,, but now in the last few years they are declining again.
My question is why did they come back strong for a short period of time,,even though the yotes were still thick?? and now going back downhill? :(

Funny you mention that! That is exactly what I have seen. About 5 years ago, I knew where there were three litters of red foxes. I actually had one litter in one of our old barns. I fed them, and put a trail camera in there on video mode. Made for a lot of fun. They would be out for their treats before I even shut the gate to the pasture, and on the camera. At that time I know in our area, yotes had mange and canine parvo for a few years in a row. So, I think the fox population went up a little, as the yote population went down a little. I've only seen one fox all year this year.
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Re: First Fox

Postby IFORGEIRON » Dec Thu 20, 2012 1:53 am

i think eventually the red,,like the grey in my area will be a thing of the past around here b4 to long,, damn sad,, i hate skinning those stinkn hard to pull yotes!
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