Trail report

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Trail report

Postby KB2126 » Oct Sun 22, 2017 1:24 am

Five of us have been hitting Trail pretty hard since Thurs for our annual fall pilgrimage.
Zip, nada, nothing.
Had one king on at the pier just as the DNR creel counter came by. Snapped me off in about 5 sec.
Haven't even seen many fish. Even at the weir only 1 steelie.
We've hit almost every spot from the DNR to the Forks.
Have seen only 1 fish caught (nice steel on an orange Oslo at DNR Sat afternoon).
Water levels have been good and it's cleared up but no fish. Temp at the weir was 54 today.
I've got a feeling that w/ some rain and cold there might be a good run yet. Maybe a week or two away tho.

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